Friday, March 03, 2006


so my course is going to start on Monday... i heard that there were 32 signed up for it at the beginning of last week!!!

Kathleen and an intern at Sloan have been reviewing and editing. They made some changes. I had to fix some stuff... Feels kind of weird having someone else in my course making changes. Especially when the changes seem to indicate that they are not getting it... hmmm. I really appreciate them fixing type-O's and typography stuff... for consistency. And Kathleen is reading for clarity and i really appreciate that too.

i am still concerned about the reflecting pool activity.

I am not confident that i know exactly how the journal functionality or the wiki functionality is going to work.

I have not gone in and tested yet with a student identity. (i confess - this is not good - so do as i suggest, not as i do).

I have the private folders set up as both a wiki and a journal. not sure which is best. i am going to use the wiki to test out that function... as i am using the journal for the reflecting pool activity.

I am not happy with either completely. I want to be able to attach files, reply to posts/have a discussion, add subject lines, and neither feature allows those things... have it be private between me and the student, or viewable by all students... no easy way to create instruction documents within the journal or wiki... and it seems to not let me create my own documents and you can't delete things you create unless you delete the whole thing.

I just found out today that you can't set the assignment form to allow all students to see attached files to the assignment forms. It seemed like you could and then Kathleen told me today that in fact you can't....That sucks because i want the participants to view each other's posted assignments so they can get ideas from each other and it is a motivational thing. I am not sure how i will address that flaw. I think i need to use a wiki, but you can't attach files in the wiki ... and you can't discuss.. maybe i am not getting this wiki thing... clearly not.

in the wiki and the journal you kind of have to keep a running document it seems... or delete text each time you post... i am not really getting it. the wiki versions, the journal does not... i am not feelin it...I will have to test it out and see how it works with the participants.

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