Tuesday, February 28, 2006

making it work

I am going through and making refinements to the course...checking links, instructions, functionality, etc.

I am concerned that the reflecting pool activity is not clear enough. Also, it is a private activity and i will not be interacting in it... i am concerned about the activity working as i intend. With out my interaction and because it is private, what is the motivation for the participants to do it? I am doing it in this way to take into account my workload and the workload for the workshop participants.

I am also concerned that the the readings and assignments have no or little feedback/assessment planned. I am torn between wanting to model effective course design/management, and being able to deal with the workload and realistic expectations for participation from the participants... the reality is that this is a workshop, not a course, and in a workshop the expectations and time frame (3 weeks) are different. The discussions really are the meat of this workshop.

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