Friday, February 03, 2006

podcasting for instructional purposes

I have created my first MP3 files that i will be using as supplemental resources in my online course. I plan to use them along side the exemplar courses i will make available to the workshop participants. sort of like how they make the option to view a movie with the director's comentary on DVDs... the workshop participants will be able to browse an exemplar course on their own, or opt to listen to a running conversation between me and the instructor as we tour their course and discuss the design decisions s/he made in developing their online courseand their experiences in teaching the course... i ask them stuff about the types of activites the have their students do, challenges they had, things they were concerned about, how things went, what works well for them, what they have improved, what they have learned about themselves, etc.

not really podcasting actually yet, i may just have a web page with the link to the course and the MP3 files attached, not sure yet if i will get to actually setting it up as a "podcast."

Should be cool!

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