Friday, February 03, 2006

jezzzz louise it shoudn't be this hard

i am finding it extraordinarily irritating how things are set up in be fair, i just haven't figured it all out yet, but jezzzzzzzzzzz! it takes a million clicks to get it to
you can't edit stuff in the forums after a certain time... what!!!??? i mean that is ridiculous... why shouldn't you be able to write, reflect, rewrite, edit... it is completely counter productive and intuitive to the pedagogical intent of the reflective written discussion activity... Especially for the instructor trying to set up activities ... i also HATE getting these forum emails every time i post something. I have turned it off where ever i can. I have not yet figured out how to duplicate things... how the heck do you move things around.... i want a questions are in each module/topic... i should be able to just create it once and then duplicate it where ever i need it...

Here are my first questions:
how do i edit the news forum after the 5 minutes has elapsed.?

how do i change the dates in the news forum if i don't want those dates to appear... i want to lay out the forum with some standard announcements... about what that area is for, how to get technical help and about (not) using email for communications...

how do i stop this thing from sending email from the news forum or any of the forums...

I know there are some standard Sloan and moodle documents in here, but i don't see them anywhere, or in the files area . Where do documents hide?

There are a bunch of folders currently in the files. i cant figure that out what they are for?

how do participants add their profiles to the people section/block?

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