Friday, April 07, 2006

my reflecting pool

I was surprised how many people were in the course that had online teaching experience and how many actually were there because they support online fauclty and wanted to pick up additional information to help them in designing faculty development activities. The course was intended for new online fauclty and i was not expecting experienced online instructional designers in the course.

I was surprised at the small number of participants that participated regularly in the online activities compared to the total number of participants - only about 20% or so.

I was surprised that some of my activities were not participated in at all.

I was surprised how many people did the journaling activity, even though no one else could see it but me. I loved reading their journals!

It was a LOT of work. Doing the interviews, the Breeze presentations, and the elluminate events - which i did AFTER the course went live - took a LOT of time. I did at 4 all nighters during that 3 week period.

using moodle for course management was extreamly challenging. There are no course management tools to speak of , so following and keeping up with things was very difficult

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